On-Court Initiatives - Community Involvement, Life Skills, Student Athletes

Off-Court Initiatives - Community Involvement, Life Skills, Student Athletes

On the Court, our staff, volunteers, and coaches are dedicated to giving teens a safe and supportive environment where they can enhance their basketball skills, learn the importance of teamwork, and demonstrate good sportsmanship.

Off the Court, we provide workshops given by our staff, community members, and organizations that address issues female students face every day as they navigate their high school years.

Off-Season Hoops, Inc. is a Non-Profit corporation enhancing lives of adolescents through programs designed to develop mind and body and to encourage open discussions about life and leadership both on and off the court.

Off-Season Hoops, Inc. will give Student Athletes the opportunity to develop their full potential by participating in community-based educational and sports related programs.

We focus on helping Student Athletes recognize the importance of personal responsibility, integrity, kindness and respect - on and off the court. We encourage values that lead to a more meaningful and productive life for them and
that are essential for a better world.




“They don’t care how much you know, unless they know how much you care.”   

                          Pat Summitt


 According to a recent NCAA statistic, 96.1% of female Student Athletes who play high school basketball won’t continue playing at the collegiate level*.

Source: www.ncaa.org 

 Off-Season Hoops, Inc. is a local resource that offers programs to educate young women on the life skills that they need to lead happier and healthier lives both on and off the court.


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